Lack Of Updates!

Sorry for the lack of updates, having computer issues once again. Updates will resume when the issues are resolved!

Celebrity Site Of The Day!

We are the Celebrity Site Of The Day! Thank you! We are also listed at Celebrity Link

Lack Of Updates!!!

So sorry about the lack of updates! My laptop’s hard drive crashed a few weeks ago and I have yet to get it fixed!!! Crappy timing right? Hopefully I’ll get it into the shop this week and get it back quickly, when that happens I’ll update the site and put a new layout up! Finally!

Updates Coming Soon!

Tons of updates will be coming soon! I’m so sorry for the break!

Taking A Small Break…

As you can all see the site hasn’t been updated since the ACM Awards, the reason being, I have had a death in my family. The site won’t be updated until next week at the latest. See you all soon!

Lady Antebellum Fans Administrator

Lack Of Updates!!!

I just want to say sorry for the lack of updates the last few months. The holidays are now completely over, and I also took a little break from the site. I’ll be back to updating and uploading photos in the next coming days!

Also, congratulations to Hillary and Chris who are now officially married!!!

New Gallery Layout!!!

We have a new gallery layout!!! It features one of the new photos of the group! The layout was made by the wonderful Becky at Burning Bright Designs! Be sure to check out her design site! She really is a gem! I hope you all enjoy the layout!!!

New Layout!!!

Surprise!!!! As you all can see we have a new layout made by Sunset Productions!!! I love it and I hope all of you love it also! We will be getting a new layout for the gallery soon also! I’m currently rearranging things on the site so some pages might not be available, no worries!!! Also, if you haven’t already be sure to follow us on Twitter and if you have a Tumblr be sure to follow us on that also!!! Also, keep checking back for GRAMMY updates and information on the live chat will be posted tomorrow!!