— “My heels have definitely gotten higher.”

— “There aren’t a ton of people in this country who will understand songs about riding a tractor through a pasture, but when it comes to falling in love and out of love and getting your heart broken, there’s no way you can’t understand what the song’s about.”


— “It was at the butt-crack of dawn to kick off hunting season. Everybody was sitting there eating. They didn’t know who the hell we were.”

— “Thank you to Miranda Lambert for winning this last year and not being in the category this year. That really helps a lot.” (After Winning the ACM for Album Of the Year in 2011)

— “We’ve all been there, when you have someone like my dad who I’m like, ‘Don’t tell me you relate to that.’ And he goes, ‘I’ve been there before.’ That’s when you know, ‘Wow, OK. Everybody’s had that moment.’ It’s not just about the ‘I’m a little drunk and I need you now.’ It’s not this inappropriate thing, it’s the desperation thing.” (Talking about how people relate to Need You Now)

— “I ate a lot of fried food, fried chicken over the holidays. So, I’m cutting back on that a little bit, but man, it’s going to be hard to curb the drinking, there’s too much celebrating. So, I won’t be backing down on that at all.”


— “We’ve dreamed about these types of milestones, but when it starts to become a reality, it takes a while for it to really settle in. We are just trying to take it all in and enjoy the moment and hopefully make our incredible fans really proud.”



— It was really fun for us to work with Lady Antebellum. They’re like the version of our band for the country world … kinda Fleetwood Mac.

— “We are so happy with how it turned out. They did an incredible job. We wrote the song and her voice (Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott) was perfect for it and the band filled in the spaces in a beautiful way. It was a great collaboration.”